When life gives you lemons…make lemon vodka (6/52)

I can remember a time when fragrant lemons were freshly picked from the tree in our yard and they would be carried into the kitchen so that my mother could start making her version of lemon vodka. It was very popular. I buy my lemon vodka and to celebrate the first month of Dr Vodka’s blogs a special triple citrus version is presented.


Belvedere lemon tea is meant to be served in iced lemon tea. The younger drinkers in the group rated this mixed drink as excellent. As Dr Vodka prefers shots, I found the taste of this as a neat drink to be confusing and complex, but appreciated the ginger. It was quite smooth. The presentation of the bottle is elegant. Made in Poland and 40% alc/vol.

Overall score: 6 shots out of 10 shot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glass


Limonnaya reminds you that it is a citrus vodka with its distinct yellow colour. The flavour is zesty lemon, and not sweet with a soft afterburn. This vodka is literally heart-warming. The presentation of the bottle is basic, even Soviet, but the claim on the label of ‘Only Vodka from Russia is genuine Russian Vodka’ is priceless. Made in Russia and 40% alc/vol

Overall score: 7 shots out of 10 shot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glass


Stoli Citrus is triple distilled and you appreciate this as it is a very smooth and nice drink. It was my favourite of the citrus vodkas. Made in Latvia and 37.5% alc/vol

Overall score: 8 shots out of 10 shot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glass





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