Ketel one (59/52)

With a Notel family history of distilling in Holland that spans 300 years, this wheat vodka has more recent origins from the 1980s and is 40% Alc./Vol. The vodka has been promoted as good to drink neat but also as a mixer. I drink it neat. Frankly, gasoline smells better. The initial shot is smooth … More Ketel one (59/52)

Austrian vodka 76/52

The first Austrian vodka drunk by Dr Vodka was Monopolowa. Originally produced in Poland until World War II, the company was moved to Austria with Austrian ownership by the Gessler organisation. The name Monopolowa derives from the word ‘monopoly’ in reference to the rights of the old Polish nobility to produce vodka in their territories. … More Austrian vodka 76/52

Wasser Gold 75/52

23 karat hold flakes easily impress, and they do so with Wasser Gold. The 38% Alc./Vol vodka is now produced in in Gdansk, Poland using a secret 16th-century recipe. Dozens of herbs contribute to its unique flavour. Tsar Peter I the Great was introduced to the drink when he had an embassy in Danzig and … More Wasser Gold 75/52

An apple a day 74/52

Granny Smith apples originated in Australia in 1868 and are named after Maria Ann Smith who originally propagated this tart flavoured cultivar. It makes sense that an iconic Australian fruit would be the first choice to be blended with 40% Alc./Vol premium organic vodka distilled in the Hunter Valley. The Granny Smith flavour earns this … More An apple a day 74/52

Plum Soplica 73/52

In a quest to taste all the flavoured vodkas produced by the Soplica company, Plum was the next in line. Soplica Plum has a deep, warm colour which invites you to taste this 30% Alc./Vol Polish vodka. It has a very slight tart, almost sour, edge to its flavour as you would expect of a … More Plum Soplica 73/52

Horseradish 70/52

When an opportunity is presented to try a new vodka, of course you accept it. When that vodka is a horseradish vodka then you become more intrigued. Polugar No. 5 is a 38.5% Alc./Vol Russian vodka, but may be produced in Poland in an old restored distillery. The description of ‘bread wine’ for this vodka is … More Horseradish 70/52

Tea for 2 69/52

When not drinking vodka, a cup of tea is most welcome. Fuse the two together and you have LongLeaf vodka. It is claimed to blend the ‘finest, hand-picked Ceylon tea’ with Australian organic vodka from the Hunter Valley and is 40% Alc./Vol. The tea picked from above the clouds – the mountain peaks of Sri … More Tea for 2 69/52

Bison’s grass 68/52

The established market leader for vodka infused with Bison’s grass is Poland’s Zubrowka. Compare it to Zubrowka and decide which you prefer. Wisnet Bizon Grass vodka is made in the Ukraine, is triple distilled and 40% Alc./Vol. The blade of grass, which sits in the bottle, infuses the vodka with a gentle olive colour, but … More Bison’s grass 68/52