Ketel one (59/52)

With a Notel family history of distilling in Holland that spans 300 years, this wheat vodka has more recent origins from the 1980s and is 40% Alc./Vol. The vodka has been promoted as good to drink neat but also as a mixer. I drink it neat. Frankly, gasoline smells better. The initial shot is smooth … More Ketel one (59/52)

Holy cow! (89/52)

Black Cow is an English 40% Alc./Vol sheep milk vodka. Australians have progressed the initiative of sheep’s whey vodka production (most famously Hartshorn 51 and also Vodka O 45) and this version is produced at Childhay Manor in West Dorset. The producers have a long 300 year family lineage as cheese makers, apparently inspired by … More Holy cow! (89/52)

Fire it up (86/52)

The kissofire range offer fiery options as well as a sweet range. Today the ginger was chosen. An Australian 17% Alc./Vol vodka liqueur with an intriguing and inviting fusion of Ginger and Butterscotch this provided to be a crowd pleaser. It is a beautiful drink that is sweet, gentle and comforting, warm and very smooth. … More Fire it up (86/52)

Pan-Asian chic 82/85

Very few distilleries produce vodka using rice. From South Korea there is Han (barley and rice) and from Japan there is Kissui. Vietnam offers us Kai, a rice vodka that is therefore naturally gluten free and is 40% Alc./Vol. Its’ quality can be attributed to production from the naturally sweet and glutinous yellow blossom rice, … More Pan-Asian chic 82/85