A sweet, triple treat 17/52


If you are craving a sweet treat then the combination of vodka + chocolate = a Danish delight!

Dr Vodka indulged in a few Anthon Berg chocolate liqueurs: Danzka Cranraz, Danzka Citrus and Sobieski Vodka. The dark chocolate miniature bottle is melt in the mouth, and the vodka fillings provide just a touch of alcohol and lots of flavour. No worries about drinking responsibly. You need to eat a lot of chocolate to even consume one shot of vodka (with 3.2 – 4.4% w/v vodka per chocolate). The fruit flavoured vodka adds to the sweetness of the chocolate, so if you prefer to cut the sweetness select the plain vodka.

The Danzka vodkas are made in Denmark, and the Sobieski is Polish.

Overall score: 8 shots out of 10 shot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glass

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