Climb every mountain (44/52)

Or, at least climb Australia’s highest peak of Mount Kosciuszko, to reach the Brumby distillery. Fresh spring water from the snowy mountain high country is used for this fractionally distilled vodka. Infused with aniseed myrtle the resulting flavour is just right. The vodka is named after the mountain area in which it is produced, which in turn is named after General Tadeusz Kościuszko (1746-1817). A shot of this 38% alc/vol vodka warms you nicely and will leave you singing that the hills are alive. An extra point for the style of the bottle and label. And a Merry Christmas from Dr Vodka.

Overall score: 8 shots out of 10  shot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glass

Kos 1

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