Heaven’s above (47/52)

Heavens hell angle

Infused with 23 carat gold leaf, this vodka is strong but does not leave an afterburn. This liquid gold is created by an Armenian family using traditional techniques. The resulting taste is distinct, but not the best Dr. Vodka has tasted. A reminder about ‘why’ the gold flakes: Legend has it that the gold flakes have a role in helping the faster absorption of alcohol as they slice the throat ensuring the vodka gets in to your bloodstream quickly. The gold flakes achieve a 10/10 for presentation. Very impressive. I was willing to score this an extra point but had to average out the scores of all those at the vodka party to result in an…

Overall score: 6 shots out of 10  shot-glass shot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glass

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