Rocky Mountain high (58/52)

Canada is the home of the Royal Mounted Police, maple syrup, stunning wildlife and glaciers. These glaciers provide the water for the distilleries. Park distillery in Banff source their grains from local high altitude farms. Their small batch vodkas are hand made (milled, mashed and distilled). Many vodkas were tasted thanks to the “booze flight board”. These are 40% Alc./Vol vodkas.

The classic vodka was meant to be clean and crisp. The strong odour of spirits led me to expect an overwhelming taste, but the shot starts off warm and mild before it kicks in. The kick is rough. There is an art to making vodka and Park need art classes. 5 shots out of 10

Glacier rye is unaged and this is very similar to cleaning fluid. It has a strong odour, a strong taste and as just a strong kick. There is not much pleasant about this. 3 shots out of 10

The Vanilla vodka is advertised as being warm and comforting. The smell of vanilla is indeed comforting, and the vodka is smoother than some of the others, but there is no temptation for a second shot. 4 shots out of 10

Espresso vodka is claimed to be like an early morning cup of coffee, but better. Yes, the coffee flavour adds an inviting aroma but it does little to improve the taste. 3 shots out of 10

With a claim of enough heat to warm you, Bird’s Eye Chili vodka is warm but not burning. The heat of the chilli works in masking the poor taste of the vodka . The addition of chili saves this vodka. 5 shots out of 10


Overall score: 4 shots out of 10 shot glassshot glassshot glassshot glass

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