Mongolian Might of Genghis Khan 67/52

Chinggis gold is a Mongolian premium vodka, named in honour of the emperor Chinggos Khaan. The name evokes regal might and power. This wheat grain vodka is produced with pure mountain spring water and is 39% Alc./Vol. It undergoes more distillations than other vodkas (8 distillations) being filtered through quartz-sand and silver birch activated-carbon. The … More Mongolian Might of Genghis Khan 67/52

White birch 66/52

The birch tree is emblematic of the country of Russia. Adding birch sap to a vodka evokes an even deeper representation of the vast countryside. This five-times distilled Russian grain vodka is 40% Alc./Vol. The infusion of birch leaves creates a mild aroma and aftertaste. It has a clean, rounded taste, the flavour stays at … More White birch 66/52

Your highness 65/52

Vodka of the Tzars (Tsarskaya). It was said to be the favourite vodka of Peter the first, so much so that he controlled its formula and its factory production. Produced in St. Petersburg by the Ladoga group, from durum wheat and crystal clear water of Lake Ladoga. It undergoes multistage filtration with birch charcoal and … More Your highness 65/52

Lake Baikal (63/52)

Lake Baikal is the largest lake in the world. It is from these deep and clear Siberian waters that Baikal vodka is made. The oxygen level is exceptionally high and mineral content very low as the water is extracted from 500m depth. This triple distilled Baikal Vodka is 40% Alc./Vol. This is the vodka that … More Lake Baikal (63/52)

Quince vodka (61/52)

Soplica make a varied and delicious range of flavoured vodkas. Soplica Pigwowa is a Polish grain vodka is a blend of rye and wheat and is 32% Alc./Vol. Sun ripened quince from Polish orchards flavour this spirit. Quince are an unusual, even surprising, addition and I do not know what to expect. The vodka smells … More Quince vodka (61/52)

Grape vodka (60/52)

French vanilla ice cream is delicious and the inspiration for this vodka. The aim is for a richer, smother even creamier vodka. This new (originated in 2003) French vodka is unusual in that it is made from grapes. It is distilled five times and is 40% Alc./Vol.. The aroma of the French vanilla is enticing … More Grape vodka (60/52)

Ketel one (59/52)

With a Notel family history of distilling in Holland that spans 300 years, this wheat vodka has more recent origins from the 1980s and is 40% Alc./Vol. The vodka has been promoted as good to drink neat but also as a mixer. I drink it neat. Frankly, gasoline smells better. The initial shot is smooth … More Ketel one (59/52)