Pan-Asian chic 82/85

Very few distilleries produce vodka using rice. From South Korea there is Han (barley and rice) and from Japan there is Kissui. Vietnam offers us Kai, a rice vodka that is therefore naturally gluten free and is 40% Alc./Vol. Its’ quality can be attributed to production from the naturally sweet and glutinous yellow blossom rice, grown exclusively in the small villages along the Red River Delta.

This small batch vodka uses a traditional fermentation and modern distillation (either three or five times) process. The vodka is based on a 600 year-old recipe. Stories say that a Vietnamese woman distilled this Vodka from rare yellow blossom rice to intrigue and entice her lover.

This drink is as smooth as (Vietnamese) silk with a subtle hint of sweetness. It provides a gentle warmth and no burn and is very easy to drink.

Kai vodka

Overall score 8 ½ shots out of 10

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