Fire it up (86/52)

The kissofire range offer fiery options as well as a sweet range. Today the ginger was chosen. An Australian 17% Alc./Vol vodka liqueur with an intriguing and inviting fusion of Ginger and Butterscotch this provided to be a crowd pleaser. It is a beautiful drink that is sweet, gentle and comforting, warm and very smooth. … More Fire it up (86/52)

Take time to smell (or drink) the roses 80/52

A limited edition 40% Alc./Vol cane based vodka that is small copper pot distilled. This has an alluring pink tinge, a result of the infusion of red “Mr Lincoln” rose petals from South Australian Rustons Roses, Riverland. The flavour is further enhanced with other mixed blooms and organic hibiscus petal. This is an aromatic drink. … More Take time to smell (or drink) the roses 80/52