From champagne to vodka (88/52)

The brand Veuve is associated with fine French champagne. While others have made vodka from grapes (Ciroc), Veuve Capet claim to be the first to use chardonnay grapes which are hand-harvested at the Cote des Blancs in the Reims region. This French vodka is five times distilled and is 38% Alc./Vol. It is presented in an absolutely stunning bottle suggesting high indulgence and luxury.

Veuve Capet refers to the widow Marie-Antoinette and the makers claim it was the name of her palace of refuge where she stated “…here I’m no longer the queen, I’m myself.” Likely, it is hoped that the imbiber of the drink will feel the same way.

The drink starts off smooth and warm before moving to a very strong after burn that is breath-taking, even caustic. The drink gains most points for its presentation. I will stay with drinking Veuve champagne, my favourite.

Overall score 4 shots out of 10

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