Party like it’s 1857 (90/52)

1857 refers to the year that the Barber family first started as a dairy in the Schoharie Valley. The nine feet of rich “Barbour Basher” alluvial soils of the bottomlands also grow potatoes (which were once fed to Washington’s army). The small batch distillery in Middleburgh, New York combines it potatoes with its own spring water from the aquifer directly beneath this soil to produce handcrafted, small batch potato vodka (40% Alc./Vol).

The producers claim that the flavours are soft, and to have a sweet aroma with notes of vanilla and pear. Our tasters disagree, and did not find the drink smooth, with words such as harsh and rough being used to describe the drink. Better to have your potatoes baked or boiled.

Overall score 1 shot out of 10

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