Now for the Netherlands (39/52)

The restaurant offered a choice of two vodkas: Grey Goose (already reviewed, see 9/52) or Vox. So, I had to choose Vox. It scores top points for presentation with an artist designed, Austrian glass bottle. Sourced from the Netherlands, which claims a 400 year old history of vodka-making, I felt hopeful as I embarked on tasting the five-times distilled wheat vodka. It was quite a smooth drink, so I had another. In collaboration with a work colleague we arrived at exactly the same score for this is 37.5% alc/vol drink. Not bad, for a drink that was classified as the ‘house’ vodka.


 Overall score: 7 shots out of 10  shot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glass

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