Let’s catch the ferry to Manly (40/52)

People catch the ferry to Manly, on the northern beaches of Sydney, to take in the tourist experience, to swim at its’ famous beach, to each fish and chips. Well, now you can catch the ferry to Manly to drink vodka. Manly Spirits are an artisan distillery that produces grain vodka which has been small batch distilled with native botanicals. The presentation is impressive as the vodka is bottled in ‘evocatively beautiful glass’. I tried the Botanical Marine version which was meant to conjour the sea air, and reputably contains sea kelp. This Australian 41.6% alc/vol vodka was quite smooth and finished with an interesting herbal or botanical, and just every so-slightly bitter flavour.

Overall score: 7 shots out of 10 shot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glassshot-glass

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