Holy cow! (89/52)

Black Cow is an English 40% Alc./Vol sheep milk vodka. Australians have progressed the initiative of sheep’s whey vodka production (most famously Hartshorn 51 and also Vodka O 45) and this version is produced at Childhay Manor in West Dorset. The producers have a long 300 year family lineage as cheese makers, apparently inspired by a question attributed to Genhis Khan “Can you make alcohol out of milk?” Using the waste from their cheese making they went on to produce Black Cow.

One can detect the slight milky sweet, even creamy edge to the vodka before the fire of a strong burn hits you on the way down. Once the fire calms down you are left with a comforting warmth. This drink polarised the tasters, and an average score is shared.

Overall score 5 shots out of 10

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